Specialty Grilled Cheese Sandwiches-

Disclaimer: The Shut the Barn Door, Hot Piggy, Fugheddaboudit, American Pig, and K.I.S.S. are always available on the cart, but the rest are specials.  Come check us out to see which specials we have each day!

Mama Mia! – Fried chicken, mozzarella cheese, and marinara sauce on French bread*

Hot Piggy!-A whole jalapeño pepper stuffed with cream cheese, Colby jack, and bacon, on sourdough bread* WARNING: NOT FOR THE FAINT-HEARTED!!!

Shut the Barn Door!-Goat cheese, Havarti, sun-dried tomatoes, and prosciutto on French bread*

Barking up the Maple Tree-Tomatoes, provolone cheese, and candied bacon on sourdough bread*

Fugheddaboudit!-Mozzarella, parmesan, garlic, sun-dried tomatoes, and Italian seasoning on rye bread*

American Pig-Tomatoes, chicken, blue cheese, and bacon on rye bread*

There’s an ABB for that- Apple, Bacon, and Brei on rye bread*

Shred it All!- Pulled pork with Cheddar blend on White bread*

The Rainbow- Pork, pesto, tomatoes, mozzarella onion jam on rye bread*

K.I.S.S- White or Wheat bread* with Cheddar blend

Soup du Jour-




Cheese with Mac

Green Monster Mac – Pesto, tomatoes, and mozzarella


Finger Licker-Banana, Nutella, and sweetened cream cheese on cinnamon bread*

Grow a Pear!-Sweetened cream cheese, pears, sliced almonds, and honey on sourdough bread*

Faux Roll-Sweetened cream cheese on cinnamon bread*


*Gluten-free bread available